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 Press Release March 30, 2023


ACCYOURATE commercializes its smart T-shirt for continuous monitoring of vital body signs.

The company’s groundbreaking smart shirt, YouCare®, enables the monitoring and transmission of bio-signals to the cloud, which hosts a comprehensive biomedical database. The system employs sophisticated proprietary online algorithms to detect anomalies, which trigger alert signals and actionable recommendations.

European digital health company ACCYOURATE, developer of innovative lifesaving wearable technology, is stepping up the commercialization of  YouCare ® – a 100% textile smart T-shirt which enables continuous real-time monitoring of bio-vital body signals in ordinary living conditions and activity. Initially, ACCYOURATE is focusing on the occupational medicine markets in Italy and other European countries, helping organizations protect the health, safety, and wellness of their employees. The company is working to partner with large-scale organizations that will be able to offer their employees the smart shirt and sophisticated services and the opportunity to monitor their health, safety, and well-being.

ACCYOURATE’s patented and certified technology blends e-textile technology and conductive polymeric sensors, AI, big data, and 5G based central unit to monitor, prevent and assess potential health risks before they occur, and provide lifesaving medical alerts. The company’s breakthrough in printing polymers on textile allows it to develop additional washable and reusable sensorized products, such as gloves, shoe insoles, headbands, and face-masks.

YouCare® is easy to wear for everyday activities, washable, made with organic fabric and includes a cotton-based connective thread. It is capable of providing real-time online monitoring of 7 vital signals: ECG (including heart rate), breathing frequency and depth, body temperature, accelerometer, GPS, and body position (enabling fall alerts), all without compromising user’s privacy.

YouCare® is CE marked (European health, safety, and environmental protection standards), and is in the process of gaining FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) clearance. Its technology has been validated by major universities, such as Johns Hopkins University in the US, University of Bologna, and UniRoma4 University in Italy.

ACCYOURATE aims to help people to proactively protect their health, and proactivity starts with knowledge,” noted Dr. Amir Toren, Board Member and Executive Director at ACCYOURATE. “The YouCare® smart T-shirt allows users to gain a clear view of their well-being and health risks through the use of advanced data science technologies and AI driven algorithms. We are committed to continue revolutionizing the wearable device industry by approaching additional market segments and by introducing additional wearables that are attractively designed, comfortable, easy to wear and truly functional. Our products will monitor an individual's vital body signs through proprietary algorithms, allowing the customers to gain insights via a user-friendly dashboard.”

The biomedical signals and vital signs are detected by YouCare’s printed and invisible polymeric sensors, seamlessly embedded in the smart T-shirt’s fabric. The data is processed by a miniaturized wearable control unit that records the data, which then sends it to a bi-directional platform. The platform transmits the data to the user via smartphone or smartwatch, and then to a remote unit that analyzes the data using dedicated, proprietary software and algorithms.

In case anomalies are detected, an alert signal is triggered, followed by actionable recommendations. If the anomalies justify immediate intervention, emergency operators will intervene. The smart T-shirt is connected to a proprietary AI-driven cloud-based software platform which securely collects, stores, and analyzes vast amounts of data, while protecting the privacy of the users and complying with GDPR requirements.

ACCYOURATE Group S.p.A was established in 2016 and headed by Mr. Arnaldo Usai. In February 2023, Sweden-based Crown Energy entered into an agreement for the acquisition of 85% of the shares in SmarTee, the parent holding company of ACCYOURATE Group S.p.A. The company today employs 20 people and operates from headquarters and production facilities in L’Aquila and Bologna.


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