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Proactively Protect What Matters Most

Monitor, predict, prevent, and act to ensure the safety and well-being of your people while
increasing organizational efficiency and enhancing team’s health and well-being.


Awards & Recognition

Our Purpose & Passion

organizational health.

AccYouRate empowers responsible
organizations by providing revolutionary
solutions that prioritize the well-being of their
people, safeguarding the fabric of the
organization. With a preventative approach,
we ensure employee safety and predict issues
before they escalate into problems, enabling
companies to enhance productivity, reduce
risks, and foster a thriving work environment.

employee well-being.

Our patented wearable products offer
comprehensive body monitoring and seamless
vitals data acquisition for predictive and
preventative ion purposes. With beautiful,
comfortable, and functional clothing items that
double as a medical device, individuals in critical
roles or conditions gain the benefits of staying
aware of their health, taking timely action for
prevention, and ensuring a safer, healthier, and
more fulfilling work experience.


How We Do It

Fusing E-Textile innovation, data science, and AI to answer the deepest calling there is - improving and saving lives

We created a revolutionary smart shirt

allowing continuous, medical-device-grade data acquisition.


Step into the future of health monitoring with our innovative smart shirt. Embedded with seamless polymeric sensors, this advanced wearable technology reimagines the way vital signs are tracked, offering a comfortable and stylish solution. Experience the power of data-driven insights and convenience in a single garment – it’s not just a shirt, it’s a revolution in personal health management.


We leverage Big Data, AI, ML, and DL technologies

to analyze the data for actionable insights.


Unleashing the power of data analysis, our smart shirt enables continuous and precise acquisition of bio-vital parameters. Through cutting-edge AI algorithms, we transform this data into actionable insights, allowing proactive interventions to prevent accidents, address health concerns, and manage stress. These valuable insights empower confident decision-making and enable organizations to implement targeted training routines and interventions for the well-being of their employees.


Preventive & Predictive Medicine

Leveraging the synergy of trusted data and predictive data analysis and AI, we spearhead a groundbreaking approach to healthcare, emphasizing preventive and predictive medicine. Our state-of-the-art platform incorporates cutting-edge analytics and advanced predictive algorithms, enabling early detection of potential health risks. Through continuous data acquisition, accumulated data, and actionable insights, our platform empowers organizations to prioritize the health of their employees and prevent health issues of their most important assets before they become real problems.

With our patent-based comprehensive solution, organizations can now gather, analyze, and act upon trusted healthcare data continuously and proactively, leading to improved health outcomes and potentially life-saving interventions.

Start protecting your
most valuable assets

Healthcare Corporations Defense Sports Home

Making a Lasting
Impact Across

AccYouRate collaborates with diverse
industries across market segments,
fostering new standards of excellence
across employee safety, well-being, and

AccYouRate facilitates efficient health monitoring, last-mile assistance, and home care management for healthcare organizations, ensuring prompt support for care providers and patients alike.

Corporate entities partner with AccYouRate to implement remote biovital monitoring, resulting in improved predictive capabilities and health prevention initiatives for employee well-being.

By integrating sensorized clothing with monitoring systems, AccYouRate optimizes military training, emergency response, and performance measurement in real-time

AccYouRate’s solution addresses performance analysis, lifestyle adaptation, and correlation assessment for sporting events, leading to positive outcomes and further discussions.

Our story

When fashion meets technology
for a seamless user experience.

AccYouRate’s unwavering mission is to save and improve lives. We
address the corporate market across defense, health, occupational
medicine, and sports verticals, delivering groundbreaking solutions
that amplify companies’ focus on employee safety and well-being.
By leveraging advanced, comfortable wearable health monitoring
technology and proactive approaches, we enable organizations to
cultivate a new and elevated quality of life for their workforce.


Our vision

To revolutionize the healthcare landscape, AccYourate pioneers the future of well-being.
By harnessing groundbreaking bio-vital and posture monitoring technology alongside robust
big data analytics, we reshape industries, safeguard lives, and empower organizations and
individuals to seize control of their well-being, unlocking a healthier, happier future for all.


don't just
take our word
for it


The Italian Red Cross is always looking to enhance in every way the impact of its 150,000 volunteers who every day cover the last mile in assisting citizens: new technologies, such as those developed by AccYouRate, enable us to let no one excluded, to be present in the hardest-to-reach places, in critical moments.

Mr. Francesco Rocca, President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
University of Rome Logo

It is important for us to be able to assess the presence of electrocardiographic abnormalities – even in healthy subjects – because they can be indicators of the stress or anxious state of the person. We evaluated the electrocardiographic trace recorded of two Italian Red Cross volunteers with AccYouRate technology.

Dr. Eliana Tranchita, the University of Rome

“Home care has always been a big problem for the National Health System. Wearable technologies, such as AccYouRate T-shirts, enhance the efficacy and effectiveness of home care through the possibility of constant monitoring of patients at home.”

Dr. Giovanni Iannetti, Local Health Authority Pescara (ASL)

By using AccYouRate’s technology for selective testing… we are able to understand how personnel reacts in… conditions of high stress, of sleep, food, or water deprivation. This allows us to understand how to conduct preparation and training for each operator accordingly.

Francesco Olla, Lieutenant General
You too, can embrace a proactive approach
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Management Team

Discover the visionary leaders driving AccYouRate's strategic direction and success.
Franco Perone

Franco Perone

Senior Advisor & Executive VP
Dr. Amir Toren

Dr. Amir Toren

Executive Director & Board Member
Arnaldo Usai

Arnaldo Usai

Founder & CEO
Fulvio Giuliani

Fulvio Giuliani

Chief Manufacturing Officer
Luca Di Lelio

Luca Di Lelio

Chief Planning Officer & Corporate Affairs
Alessandro Sabattini

Alessandro Sabattini

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Diego Facchini

Diego Facchini

Strategic Advisor

Scientific Team

Meet the experts behind AccYouRate's cutting-edge Technology and innovation.
Dr. Amir Beker

Dr. Amir Beker

Chief Data Officer & Executive VP
Gian Angelo Geminiani

Gian Angelo Geminiani

CTO & Innovation
Prof. Francesco Violante

Prof. Francesco Violante

Chief Medical Officer

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