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Introducing a Proactive, Preventative Approach to


Harness the power of remote bio-vital & posture monitoring, early detection, and valuable big data insights with AccYouRate’s unique technology to transform the defense industry.

Revolutionizing Defense

Enhanced Bio-vital Monitoring

AccYouRate ensures precise bio-vital monitoring, controlling soldiers’ stress levels. Real-time ECG and breathing data guide stress management protocols for high-stress roles like pilots.

Emergency Protection and Alerts

AccYouRate offers real-time posture monitoring and instant alerts, ensuring swift rescue during emergencies or injuries in isolated conditions.

Data-driven Operational Improvement

AccYouRate’s comprehensive monitoring optimized resource allocation, improves processes, and enhances mission scheduling and training methods.

Tailor-made for Defense

Protect defense personnel , build resilience and enhance performance with sensorized fabric technology for precise, continuous monitoring. Allow them to serve and protect while safeguarding their own wellbeing.

Invisible polymeric sensors in fabric detect bio-vital parameters, transmitted to a coin size, wearable control unit for data conversion and analysis
Patented wearable products that provide comprehensive body coverage, seamless vitals data acquisition, and combine beauty, comfort, and functionality in a single clothing item.
Washable and reusable cotton-based textiles with bio-ceramic processing provide superior data acquisition and analysis while offering unparalleled comfort and a second-skin feel.

Protect your most valuable assets


    Pinerolo's Mechanized Brigade

    We collaborated with Pinerolo’s Mechanized Brigade, part of Italy’s Ministry of Defense, to address the challenges of continuous health monitoring and personnel selection in military operations. The focus was on ensuring operator performance, identifying rescue or replacement needs, and streamlining stress-related role selection and personalized training.

    How We Helped

    We provided customized sensorized clothing integrated with monitoring and command control systems. This enabled real-time, continuous health monitoring of operators and facilitated data exchange. The technology was used in emergency situations, civil protection interventions, and military operations to understand individual operators’ physical states and tailor preparation and training accordingly.

    Results and Impact

    The partnership yielded significant results, revolutionizing performance assessment in the field. Our technology advanced the measurement of military performance, putting soldiers’ capabilities at the center of medical considerations. Continuous monitoring and sensorized clothing provided valuable insights for informed decision-making and improved operational effectiveness.

    defense team organize equipment

    Defense Partnerships: Collaborations with Key Entities

    AccYouRate has established strategic partnerships with additional key defense entities, including MBDA Italy, Rebel Alliance, Engineering, Esercito Italiano, Agenzia delle Dogane, and Marina Militare Italiana. These partnerships enable the development of innovative solutions and tailored services for defense forces worldwide, driving advancements in defense technology and healthcare practices.


    “After the successful pilot phase, the partners Enel Distribuzione, Enelx, and AccYouRate have entered the predictive phase, which signals a new level of innovation. It will allow Enel to meet the wishes of our competent doctors with regards to activities management and parameters monitoring.”

    Marco Norrito, Enel Greenpower

    “Home care has always been a big problem for the National Health System. Wearable technologies, such as AccYouRate T-shirts, enhance the efficacy and effectiveness of home care through the possibility of constant monitoring of patients at home.”

    Dr. Giovanni Iannetti, Local Health Authority Pescara (ASL)

    The Italian Red Cross is always looking to enhance in every way the impact of its 150,000 volunteers who every day cover the last mile in assisting citizens: new technologies, such as those developed by AccYouRate, enable us to let no one excluded, to be present in the hardest-to-reach places, in critical moments.

    Mr. Francesco Rocca, President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
    University of Rome Logo

    It is important for us to be able to assess the presence of electrocardiographic abnormalities – even in healthy subjects – because they can be indicators of the stress or anxious state of the person. We evaluated the electrocardiographic trace recorded of two Italian Red Cross volunteers with AccYouRate technology.

    Dr. Eliana Tranchita, the University of Rome

    By using AccYouRate’s technology for selective testing… we are able to understand how personnel reacts in… conditions of high stress, of sleep, food, or water deprivation. This allows us to understand how to conduct preparation and training for each operator accordingly.

    Francesco Olla, Lieutenant General
    You too, can embrace a proactive approach
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