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Harness the power of remote patient monitoring, early detection, and
valuable big data insights with AccYouRate’s unique technology to
transform healthcare.

Unlocking New Possibilities

Enhance remote

Our reliable remote patient monitoring ensures personalized care beyond hospital walls. Real-time insights enable timely interventions, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Proactive preventive

Our proactive approach enables early detection of health issues, allowing for prompt interventions and reduced complications. It fosters a preventive healthcare strategy, improving patient well-being and lowering costs.


Our comprehensive monitoring generates accurate longitudinal health data. This data provides valuable insights for analysis, research, and evidence-based decision-making, driving advancements in healthcare practices.

Tailor made for healthcare

Empower healthcare heroes with sensorized fabric technology for
precise, continuous monitoring. Allow them to save lives while ensuring
their own wellbeing remains safeguarded.

Invisible polymeric sensors in fabric detect bio-vital parameters, transmitted to a coin size, wearable control unit for data conversion and analysis
Patented wearable products that provide comprehensive body coverage, seamless vitals data acquisition, and combine beauty, comfort, and functionality in a single clothing item.
Washable and reusable cotton-based textiles with bio-ceramic processing provide superior data acquisition and analysis while offering unparalleled comfort and a second-skin feel.

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    The Italian Red Cross

    In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, even leading international organizations encounter significant challenges in health monitoring, last-mile assistance, and home care management. Recognizing the need for innovative solutions, the Italian Red Cross sought the expertise of AccYouRate to address these critical areas and drive transformative change.

    How We Helped

    Our solution revolutionized the approach to healthcare by offering a comprehensive Telemedicine Health Protection service. By continuously monitoring vital bio-parameters, including ECG and breathing, without the need for hospital visits, We provided a convenient and effective practice for post-acute phase and post-hospitalization care. This innovative approach also catered to the increasing demand for monitoring chronic patients and the elderly, ensuring their well-being and safety.

    Positive Impact

    By seamlessly integrating AccYouRate’s cutting-edge technology into the National Response Center, real-time alerts were generated based on out-of-threshold readings from end users, revolutionizing the efficiency of emergency assistance. Whether in remote or critical locations, the system enabled swift last-mile support, empowering enrolled volunteers to promptly aid those in distress and make a tangible difference in their lives.



    AccYouRate additionally partners with prestigious health institutions like Sant’Orsola Hospital, University of Modena, and the E-Health Project in L’Aquila. These collaborations, sponsored by Novartis, Pfizer, Jazz Pharma, and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, drive clinical trials and telemedicine initiatives, propelling advancements in heart failure monitoring, atrial fibrillation, sleep disorders, and e-health monitoring. AccYouRate’s commitment to collaborative innovation transforms healthcare, enhancing patient care and outcomes.

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    The Italian Red Cross is always looking to enhance in every way the impact of its 150,000 volunteers who every day cover the last mile in assisting citizens: new technologies, such as those developed by AccYouRate, enable us to let no one excluded, to be present in the hardest-to-reach places, in critical moments.

    Mr. Francesco Rocca, President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
    University of Rome Logo

    It is important for us to be able to assess the presence of electrocardiographic abnormalities – even in healthy subjects – because they can be indicators of the stress or anxious state of the person. We evaluated the electrocardiographic trace recorded of two Italian Red Cross volunteers with AccYouRate technology.

    Dr. Eliana Tranchita, the University of Rome

    “Home care has always been a big problem for the National Health System. Wearable technologies, such as AccYouRate T-shirts, enhance the efficacy and effectiveness of home care through the possibility of constant monitoring of patients at home.”

    Dr. Giovanni Iannetti, Local Health Authority Pescara (ASL)

    By using AccYouRate’s technology for selective testing… we are able to understand how personnel reacts in… conditions of high stress, of sleep, food, or water deprivation. This allows us to understand how to conduct preparation and training for each operator accordingly.

    Francesco Olla, Lieutenant General
    You too, can embrace a proactive approach
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